An Associated Press news report on the funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, aka, “the Iron Lady,” reports that Thatcher was laid to rest with prayers and ceremony, plus cheers and jeers as some bystanders turned their backs on her coffin. Do you publish this headline: “Iron Lady Rusts in Peace”?

A Business article about the top expenses entrepreneurs can write-off on their tax returns includes the perspective of an accountant cautioning business owners that there is a reasonable limit to what Canada Revenue Agency will allow and states: “If you're claiming a jacuzzi, you'd better be in the right business, or the CRA will rip you a new one.” Do you include this quote?

An article about Aston Martin cars in the Saturday Wheels section includes these words from a Toronto doctor, who said he bought an $180,000 model instead of a Porsche 911 because “The last thing I want, after everything I've done, is for people to look at me and say ‘there goes another douchebag in a 911’” Do you publish these words?

A reporter writes about a Nashville man with Down syndrome who has launched legal action regarding online material. Do you publish this headline: “Down syndrome man sues for $18 million after picture altered online”

Writer Evan Goldberg and actor Seth Rogen visit the Star’s test kitchen to sample poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. “On seeing the takeout boxes filled with five pounds of fries, smoked meat and gravy Rogen exclaims: “Jesus Christ.” Do you publish his words?

A 57-year-old grandmother denied refugee status in Canada is arrested and threatened with deportation while in a Montreal hospital following a heart attack. Writing about her plight, a reporter describes her as “an elderly woman.” Do you publish this?

When a 72-year-old woman is killed in a fire in her home Toronto police deem it a homicide and tell reporters she had ties to the sex trade, citing incidents in 1997 and 2000. Do you report this information about the woman’s past?

In a provocative column about “sanctimonious” cyclists in the city, a popular columnist expresses her opinion that cyclists “have risen to No. 1 on my list of People Who Should Be Shot.” Do you publish this?

A Toronto high school teacher is fired for handing out seven pages of profane jokes to his students? A reporter obtains the hand-out filled with more than 100 vulgar jokes about women, sexual violence, racism and dead babies. Do you publish these jokes in the Star?

A day after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to having smoked crack cocaine a source comes to the Star with a video showing the mayor in an angry, seemingly inebriated out-of-control rant threatening murder. The source seeks $5000 for the video. Do you pay for and publish the video?

Do you publish this photo of Queen Elizabeth to illustrate an article about a court challenge by three people opposed to Canada’s Citizenship Act requirement that those who want to become Canadian citizens must pledge allegiance to the Queen?


Do you publish this photo of a man dressed as an Air France flight attendant taking part in a European gay pride parade to illustrate an article about “Patient Zero” — a promiscuous gay Canadian flight attendant — who spread AIDS from coast to coast in the 1980s?


Do you publish this graphic photo of a “zombie” from the hit AMC TV horror series The Walking Dead on the front page of the Entertainment section?


Do you publish this editorial cartoon following the Toronto police shooting of Sammy Yatim who was struck by eight police bullets while confronting police on an empty TTC streetcar?


The photo caption accompanying this photo of singer Michael Buble at the Juno Awards states that Buble “accessorizes with his wife Luisana Lopilato”. Do you publish this?


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